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Copy Writing Services for Hotels, Trades, Finance and Market Places | Content Authority

Copywriting Services for Hotels, Finance, Trades and Market Places

At Content Authority we provide a diverse range of high quality website content. Our web copy aspires to entertain and persuade readers, sell your business’s strong points and help you to show up in search engine results. There are many different types of copy on the web all serving different purposes. Luckily at Content Authority our writers are versatile. We can create work that stands out among the other web pages and helps convert readers into customers. Here are some of the many varieties of content we can create for you.


Blog Writing

If you’re serious about increasing web traffic and taking your business to the next level, you should really have a blog. Businesses that blog attract more traffic than businesses that don’t. Blogging boosts optimisation with fresh content for search engines, establishes you as a leader in your industry and strengthens relationships with the customers you have. There are no downsides to having a blog unless, of course, you’re too busy to write regular posts. If that’s the case, simply trust Content Authority with the job and we can deliver you regular blog content that works and converts. 

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Article Writing

Perhaps you want some longer content that stays on your site as a permanent fixture, and that you can potentially re-publish on other blogs and websites, even magazines and trade publications? If you really want to show the public your level of expertise, a weighty, thoroughly researched article is a winning strategy. You may not have time to take out of your busy day to write a long article. Once again, that’s where Content Authority can help. Our writers will do the research into the topic and deliver something on-brand for you and certain to inform and entertain your readers and clients.  


Web Page Copy

Each website page is different and caters to a different topic and audience. You need writers that will take that into account and create content that serves your specific needs. At Content Authority we can work in your brand voice, writing new and original content for your website. This can be anything from service pages like this one to ‘About Us’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sections. No matter what your business and the content of your website, we can come up with content.  


Press Releases

Press releases are an important tool for sharing an exciting new development with the media. Yet when journalists and others in the industry receive countless press releases every day, how do you stand out? Turns out some press releases will lead to interviews and publicity while others will just flop. When you send one out, you want the best chance of being noticed as possible. Content Authority has writers who are university-educated and some have backgrounds in industries like journalism. We’ll put those skills to the test in the creation of new press releases for you.  


Product Descriptions

In Australia, e-commerce is big business. Clearly online shopping is not only the future, it’s the present too. It pays to put your best foot forward when it comes to e-commerce. You know your products are great. So do the people who already buy from you on a regular basis. But you still need to make an impression on those who are landing on your website for the first time. At Content Authority we’ll write you winning product descriptions that really sell the positive benefits of what you have to offer. We’ll show potential customers how your products can solve their problems and enhance their lives and help you to stand out amongst the competition.  

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Landing Page Copy

What’s the first thing you want readers to see when they make that very first visit to your page? At Content Authority we work to create landing page content that entices visitors to check out the rest of the site and to follow through to making a purchase. Your landing page copy needs to clearly show the world who you are and give readers the reason to look further into your products or services. And at Content Authority we’ll keep that goal in mind when we work with you to create optimal landing page copy. 


(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Does a business exist if no one can see it? This is where SEO comes into play. When it comes to creating exceptional content you really want to have a complimenting SEO strategy. With Content Authority we have SEO specialists that have worked on international and local companies across multiple niches with outstanding results. So we can guarantee they know their stuff and have the customers long term success at the forefront of all decisions. Being as high on page 1 of Google when your customers are making searches, will increase the amount of traffic your business will receive. Everything is covered like performance of your site, local search, on page, off page optimisations.

Every website needs good content. And if you’re wondering where to begin, get in touch with us. We can chat with you, find out what your needs are and help you come up with a strategy to get your brand name out there using high-quality content. We can help you figure out what kind of content is best for you and boost publicity by helping spread the word. Don’t let your website go unnoticed in the big wide world of the web. With Content Authority on your side you can get the results you want on the search engines and in your business.