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Article Writing for Hotels, Finance, Trades, Market Places | Content Authority

Professional Article Writers

Perhaps you want some longer content that stays on your site as a permanent fixture, and that you can potentially re-publish on other blogs and websites, even magazines and trade publications? If you really want to show the public your level of expertise, a weighty, thoroughly researched article is a winning strategy. You may not have time to take out of your busy day to write a long article. Once again, that’s where Content Authority can help. Our professional article writers will do the research into the topic and deliver something on-brand for you and certain to inform and entertain your readers and clients.

Why is Article Writing Important?

These days there are a vast number of articles on the Internet with information on all kinds of topics. They range from news and current affairs to opinion pieces and open letters to “how to” guides and life advice blogs. It can be hard to figure out how to stand out, especially if you’re running a business. When every company in the world has a website to spruik their services, how do you ensure that yours rises to the top of the search rankings? This is where Content Authority can help you. We provide well-written articles that showcase your unique skills and qualities for the benefit of your potential customers.

In this age of smartphones and hectic schedules, short-form content may seem like the most logical choice. But surprisingly, research has shown that long-form content consistently delivers better results. On Google, the top results for a search query are generally articles longer than 2000 words.

Longer articles have a host of benefits. For one thing, they keep readers on your site for a greater period of time, which increases your search engine rankings. They also give you the opportunity to showcase your in-depth knowledge of a topic. Unlike your average 500-word social media post, a weighty article lets you elaborate on what makes your business stand out and what value you have to offer customers.

But you can’t reap those sorts of benefits from 2000 words of waffle. That’s why Content Authority will write articles that rank, convert and entertain in your brand voice, on any topic you desire. We’ll cater to your needs to take your marketing strategy and your business any place you want them to go.

Why You Should Have Articles on Your Website?

Like all websites, your business website needs content. Good content tells the world who you are, what you represent and what you can offer customers. Content can make or break a website and quality content can improve your public perception and send you to the top of Google’s results. According to, 92% of marketers say that the creation of content is effective for search engine optimisation, and 27 million pieces of online content are shared every day. Source: Intechnic

Posting fresh content on your site as often as you can helps you rank higher on Google. The “Googlebot” is always crawling the web for new content, and the more frequently you update, the higher you’re likely to rank in the search results. Source: Neil Patel

On top of being better for rankings, long-form content has another benefit: an air of authority. It enables you to present a thoroughly researched, highly informative article that positions you as a leader in your field.

Remember: you need ORIGINAL content. Google punishes websites for duplicate content and prevents them from ranking highly. To stand out, you need unique content that hooks people in and keeps them reading. And that’s where we can help.


What Makes a great Article?

Anybody can write an article, but it takes a true Content Authority to write a great article.

  • A great article will have a clearly made point and will share it with your readers in a clear and concise way. Content Authority have content creators who were writers before they became marketers and choose their words carefully, precisely and effectively.
  • Most people will only read the headline and maybe the first sentence or paragraph of an article. If you want them to read the whole thing and become one of your loyal repeat customers, you have to start strong and hook them in.
  • A great article tells readers what they need to know and provides answers. You have the solutions your customers seek, of course. And here at Content Authority we can help you demonstrate how your business can solve customer’s problems and answer their inquiries.
  • A great article contains plenty of research. The best writers will research first until they know enough about the topic to write about it in sufficient depth to answer all the reader’s questions. At Content Authority we’re thorough and consistent when it comes to research.
  • Sometimes it can really improve user experience to add the right images and web design to an article. An eye-catching photo can snag a reader’s attention as much as a clever headline. Plus a visually appealing layout will make the text look easier on the eye and therefore easier to read and digest as well.