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Five Blog Writing Tips to Write More Engaging Content | Content Authority

Blog Writing Tips to Increase User Engagement

Having a blog and updating it regularly is one of the best moves you can make if you want to increase traffic to your business. Maybe that’s why there are so many blogs online today. Although the exact number is difficult to measure, Hosting Tribunal puts it at about 500 million, with over two million blog posts published daily.

The benefits of blogging are impossible to deny. Businesses that blog receive 97% more website traffic than businesses that don’t. Using images in blog posts makes them even more effective, resulting in 94% more views. Also, most bloggers also promote their blog posts through social media, an excellent way to connect with readers via multiple channels.

Clearly having a blog is crucial. Content Authority can provide the quality search engine optimised content to make yours effective.

Here are five tips from us about how to create engaging content for your official blog:

Consistency is key

You should blog regularly and blog often. Go a few weeks without posting anything and your blog will lose traffic and potential customers.

According to Forbes magazine and a HubSpot study, B2B businesses that blog 16 times a month receive 3.5 times the traffic of businesses that blog only 0-4 times per month. For B2C companies that number rises to 4.5 times the traffic.

In general, the more you blog the more traffic you get. But publishing a blog 2-4 times a week results in the highest amount of both traffic and conversions.


Use images

Blog posts with images get 94% more views.

Your blog post should have at least one strong, professional-looking image. Even better, a thumbnail image that entices readers to click plus a blog post image.

A strong image or two gives web users some indication of what your blog is all about, and helps it to stand out.

Other benefits of using images include adding colour and variety, connecting with your readers emotionally and making the piece of content more shareable across social media.


Make a list

If you want your blog to be super-shareable, one way to do this is to take a leaf out of Buzzfeed’s book and write it in the form of a listicle. Listicles are not only great fun, they also seem to inspire people to click, read and share. If you can come up with an image for each numbered item or dot point in the listicle, even better.

There are a number of reasons why readers of Internet content love listicles. Our brains crave patterns and order and listicles provide the information in a very structured manner. They let us know what we’re getting into. Write a blog post called ‘The Ten Best Things about the Gold Coast’ and people will know straight away what the article is about but still be curious about what it says. Curious enough to click.


Okay, this one is obvious but its importance can’t be overstated. The number one thing that makes for a good blog post is good content. And good content comes from research.

No matter how many other techniques you may use to drive traffic to your blog, having great content is something you can’t do without.

A good blog post addresses the query the searcher is asking and fulfils their wants and needs.

Content Authority has university-educated content writers with backgrounds in fields such as journalism, business, finance and marketing. Our writers are no strangers to crafting an intriguing, engaging piece of content based on some in-depth research.

Create an attention-grabbing headline

Aside from the images, which we’ve already covered, the headline of your blog post is the first thing people see. You want it to make an impression and to entice them to read more.

There are different kinds of intriguing headlines: headlines that offer the “best activities” or the “best way” to do something, headlines that invoke the authority of science, headlines that warm you of mistakes you could potentially be making in your business or personal life. The list goes on, and of course lists are effective too.

These blog writing tips will help improve your overall website social media engagement and traffic to your business website.

For a content blogging strategy that sends web users from search engines to your site, contact Content Authority. We’ll help you stand out among the blogosphere and increase your website presence. Not to mention the BONUS SEO VALUE that comes with our expert blog writers.