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Landing Page Copy | High Converting Landing Pages | Content Authority

Why Landing Pages are Important?

Browsing the Internet right now is a customer that knows exactly what they want. In fact, they already have their credit card in their hand. They type their search query (a long-tail keyword) into Google and they come across a landing page you’ve set up specifically for moments like this one. What do they see? What do you want them to see?

Like the name suggests, a landing page is a page that users “land” on when they click one of your links. They might have arrived there via an Google Ads, a social media post or an organic search. A landing page is a singular website with one goal: conversion. So just create High Converting Landing pages that simple. The cornerstone of a good one is the call-to-action which encourages the user to do something: make a purchase, download an e-book or simply enter their e-mail address. It’s important to make a landing page with a clear objective for the user in mind, clear instructions for customers to follow and a catchy headline to show up in search engines. Plus any other copy that appears on the page should also be well-written and concise. Content Authority will write landing page copy for you that encourages those who find themselves on your page to become your loyal customers and clients.


Why Do You Need Landing Pages?

There are several reasons why you should have a landing page:

  • When you’re running a paid marketing campaign that includes posts on social media, a landing page helps convert those who see your post into customers. It provides a place for them to enter the sales funnel. Maybe you just want their e-mail address for future e-mail marketing campaigns. Maybe you want to lead them into a funnel that finishes with a sale at the end of it. Whatever the case may be, a strong landing page is the starting point.
  • A landing page is versatile and you can potentially use it to suit a range of objectives. You can convince customers to enter their contact details and / or become your subscribers, to pick up their phones and call you, to download an e-book or to register for a seminar or other event. The option is yours. All you need is a strong landing page and the choice of course of action is yours.
  • When people click on your ads, they do it because they think you’ve got the solution to their problem. If you take them to your regular website and they have to look around for how you can address their specific concern, it makes for a harder sale to close. If you take them to a landing page that doesn’t address their concerns, they’ll have little motivation to stick around and even less motivation to buy from you. But if you can clearly explain to them how you’re offering exactly what they’re after, it’ll be your lucky day.
  • Collect information about the demographics of your customers. Your landing page may include a form for your customers to fill out before they can access the goods. If your page is one, then you can collect some valuable information about the demographics of the people who visit your page. Information that can help you with future marketing campaigns.
  • A landing page offers a singular focus. Rather than a website with multiple links, customers are directed solely to a destination where you can inspire and hopefully convince them to take specific actions. Landing pages cancel out all the distractions and make customers focus on one key question: will they or won’t they enter their details?


How to Improve the Quality of your Landing Pages?

There are a few ways to strengthen the quality of your landing page:

  • Include customer reviews and testimonials. It helps when previous customers do the selling for you. People want to know how your product will work for them. And if it’s worked well for others in the past, that’s a very good sign.
  • Craft a great headline. On a landing page, the headline is usually the first thing the customer will see (as well as an eye-catching picture, of course, so include that too). Ways to make the headline stand out include: keep the message short and absolutely clear, avoid clichés (applicable pretty much all the time) and follow it up with a strong call-to-action.
  • Keep words and everything else short and easy and make sure customers have clear instructions about where to go and what to do.

If you want a well-written landing page that converts like it’s supposed to, contact Content Authority. Our highly skilled team of professional content writers are knowledgeable in areas like journalism, marketing, English and SEO. We’ll ensure that when customers reach your landing page it will be a very successful landing.