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Product Description Writing Service

n Australia, e-commerce is big business. Clearly online shopping is not only the future, it’s the present too. It pays to put your best foot forward when it comes to e-commerce.

You know your products are great. So do the people who already buy from you on a regular basis. But you still need to make an impression on those who are landing on your website for the first time. At Content Authority we’ll write you winning product descriptions that really sell the positive benefits of what you have to offer. We’ll show potential customers how your products can solve their problems and enhance their lives and help you to stand out amongst the competition.

Quality Product Descriptions

You know your products are great, of course. You wouldn’t be selling them if you didn’t. But how do you convince a first-time visitor to your website that your goods are a worthy investment and that you’re the best at what you do? The key is persuasive and convincing product descriptions.

Do you really need product descriptions? Don’t some products sell just fine online without them? Sometimes, yes. But according to marketing guru Neil Patel, it’s not that simple. People are drawn to certain words when they shop online.
One e-commerce study, according to Patel, showed that 20% of purchase failures are the result of unclear or non-existent product descriptions. Source: Neil Patel

With the retail landscape now dominated by e-commerce, there are no downsides to having excellent product descriptions. They let your buyers know exactly what they’re purchasing and position you as a leader in your field and a brand worth trusting. This is important whether you’re taking a punt on a new, possibly game-changing idea or whether you’re putting a unique spin on a familiar product. The more original your products are, the more you’ll want to convince buyers of their benefits. On the other hand, the more crowded the market is for your particular product, the more you’ll want to describe how you’re doing it differently and better in order to stand out from the pack.

That’s where Content Authority come in. Our product descriptions are not only well-written and written with SEO in mind, they’re targeted at the online shopper who has a problem they’re trying to solve. And the business who will solve the problem is yours.


Benefits of Quality eCommerce Product Descriptions

There are many benefits to having quality content for your product descriptions instead of generic content, no content or –worst of all – content that isn’t original. Some of them include:

  • They build trust. Your customers will know exactly what they’re purchasing and won’t be surprised when it does exactly what they required of it.
  • Improved SEO. As well as being good for customers, product descriptions help your site rank higher in search engine results. All that additional content with extra keywords means you’ll be quite a few steps ahead of the competition in Google rankings.
  • Product descriptions not only help the reader form a clearer picture of your product and its functions. With the use of descriptive language, they can even impact the customer’s emotions and help them to see how your product can play a part in improving their life.
  • Product descriptions help build your brand. They’re an easy way for you to spread the world online about what you’re all about.


What Makes a Great eCommerce Product Description?

Here are some of the ways to help a product description stand out and attract traffic:

  • Know who your target audience is. Stay at home parents? High school kids? Cashed-up retirees? Fitness fanatics? Figuring out who your products benefit the most allows you to anticipate their needs and how you can benefit them better than anyone.
  • Sell the benefits and features. Why should the person browsing your site purchase your product and not another company’s? How do you go above and beyond the average? What can they find in your products that they can’t find elsewhere? Emphasizing these things will go a long way to making the sale.
  • Appeal to customer’s emotions. How will they feel when they use your product? What kind of emotions and sensations does it bring? Make sure they’re positive.
  • Write in your company’s tone of voice. Whatever your brand voice is – quirky and funny, posh and elegant, down to earth and conversational, etc – that should be reflected in your product description.
  • Use bullet points. They’re easy to read and a convenient way to deliver bite-sized bits of information.
  • Use long-tail keywords: Longer search queries mean that a web user is searching for something specific. If you’re specific in your product descriptions, you’ll help them find it.
    Like Moz says, a person searching for “shoes” is probably not ready to buy yet. A person searching for “best price on Air Jordan size 12” is a completely different story. Source: Moz Long-tail keywords represent how people actually search the web.
  • Spicing up your product landing page with images, videos, and formatting that’s pleasing to the eye will only help you get your message across.

If you want to make sales you need product descriptions that accurately describe your product’s benefits and convince customers of how you’ll meet their needs, contact Content Authority. Don’t settle for unclear, confusing descriptions or descriptions that sell you short and minimise what you have to offer. Content Authority’s team of passionate writers will provide product descriptions that cater for both customer experience and search engines as well as for you the business owner.