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Press Releases for Hotels, Trades and Finance | Content Authority

Press releases are an important tool for sharing an exciting new development with the media. Yet when journalists and others in the industry receive countless press releases every day, how do you stand out? Turns out some press releases will lead to interviews and publicity while others will just flop. When you send one out, you want the best chance of being noticed as possible. Content Authority has writers who are university-educated and some have backgrounds in industries like journalism. We’ll put those skills to the test in the creation of new press releases for you.

Running your own business naturally involves talking to members of the public. A lot. But your customers aren’t the only people you’ll communicate with. Sometimes you’ll want to get the message out to journalists, the media, other bloggers and beyond. In cases like this, it’s time to make an official statement. And it doesn’t get much more official than a press release.

A press release is a concise statement, usually only one page long, that announces something new. It could be an event you have planned or an exciting development in your business. Journalists receive hundreds of press releases each day. The sad fact is that if yours doesn’t stand out, it’s likely to go unnoticed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Content Authority can craft you a press release that captures the attention of the media and inspires them to contact you, find out more and write about you.

Good press releases generate publicity, boosting your reputation as a brand the public can trust. If you’re ready to make headlines, let Content Authority handle your press release needs.


Why You Need Press Releases

If your business is thriving, chances are you have news to get out and something to share with the world. Maybe it’s a new website. Maybe it’s an event. Maybe it’s a new training program or e-book. Whatever the case, a well-written, and well-executed press release can effectively spread the word and get your company publicity in news articles, influential blogs, trade publications, and other avenues in which it’s likely to drive traffic to your website and boost your customer base.
Some of the benefits of having this kind of press release include:

  • Publicity, of course. Publicity is one of the main ones and it can be especially indispensable for a start-up or young company looking to attract new customers. Content Authority will ensure that any press release you send out into the world is distinctive enough to stand out and attract the attention of the busy folks in the media.
  • Control your own image and your own message. What’s really important to you as a business? This is your chance to get that out there. Content Authority can help you articulate your goals, objectives, and priorities in a way you’re happy with.
  • Increased website traffic and sales. This goes hand-in-hand with publicity and the effective delivery of your message and what you have to offer into the world.
  • Letting the world know about your victories as a company will also drive website traffic and business. Maybe you’ve just won an award, acquired a new and significant client or reached another kind of major milestone? These are things that you don’t want to go unnoticed, and exposing enough people to your good news will drive up brand awareness and boost your reputation as an authority in your field.
  • A good press release is an opportunity to not only reach the news media but also the public. The Australian Government hosts the latest media releases on their News and Social website


What Makes for an Effective Press Release

There are certain things that a decent press release needs to do, and certain things it needs to avoid. A press release filled with generic information about your company and absolutely no newsworthy angle is unlikely to attract the attention you need to make a splash. So what should you include

  • A strong headline. You want to pull people in and entice them to read more. At Content Authority our writers love the written word and will aim to construct for you the perfect headline.
  • A strong opening paragraph for the same reasons. The lead paragraph should answer all of a journalist’s usual concerns: who, where, what, when and why.
  • Good quotes. Make sure you include quotes that accurately represent your company and that you’re happy to see shared in articles. We’ll ask somebody at your company to provide a powerful quote and then integrate it smoothly into the rest of the copy.
  • Keep it to one page – two at a maximum. You want it to be short, sharp and impactful. These are all things Content Authority specialize in.
  • Your contact information. After you’ve made a good impression, somebody will contact you with a request for an interview. It’s your job to provide the name of the best person to contact and other details such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. If you can include an after-hours phone number as well, even better.

Don’t let your press releases sit in inboxes unnoticed by those who have the power to boost your business. Let Content Authority construct a press release that’s on brand, relevant and (of course) authoritative. With us in your corner, we can ensure you make headlines for the right reasons.