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Ecommerce Product Descriptions: The Best SEO Practices

Some businesses have been in the game of selling their products and services online for a while but ever since the pandemic hit, more businesses have been forced to come on board and move their businesses from their physical shops to the internet space in order to stay afloat. The migration has worked for some business owners and they have opted to stick to that. It’s important to note that as much as shifting to online platforms has its advantages, there are things that can make or break an online business and one of them could be your product description. How you describe your products really matter and we will get into that in a few. Coming up with a SEO product description strategy is so crucial for online businesses owners as it can play a major role in growing your business organically and increasing conversion and sales. In this article, we will discuss the best SEO practices for your ecommerce product descriptions.


Research and target the right keywords?

Keyword research is the first and important step when SEO optimization is involved. Finding the right keywords makes it easy for the search engines to understand your pages hence helping internet users find what you are selling. If your online business is just starting out and you are selling women’s jewelry, ranking at the top for that on the search engines immediately is close to impossible as you will be competing with so many other online shops who have been on the online space longer than you. So the best strategy to use is going for the long tail keywords such as “women’s jewelry necklaces and rings” 

Also when selecting keywords for your ecommerce store, it’s important to be aware of the market demand so as to know what people are frequently searching for then you can include these words in your product description, headlines, title pages etc. but remember not to overcrowd your pages with keywords. Lastly, look for keyword variations as well for example “women’s jewelry gold necklaces”, “women’s jewelry silver bracelets”, “women’s jewelry hypoallergenic earrings” etc. Use Ahrefs, Ubersuggest or Keywords Everywhere for more.


Your product description should relate to humans??‍?‍??

Remember that you are writing your product description for humans and not web crawlers. They will not be the ones buying your products. This is not to say that you should ignore the requirements and guidelines of search engines. What we mean is that you should find out how people search for products and what they want to know about a product that they plan on purchasing. Make sure that your description helps the shopper make a sound decision on whether they would like to purchase your product or not.  Your product description should be simple, informative and helpful to the buyer.


Add images and videos of your products

Your ecommerce product descriptions should definitely be accompanied by images or videos of the product so that the shopper can have an idea of what they will be getting. It also gives your users a deep immersive experience of your products. When you record a detailed video of your products explaining its benefits and all, it gives the user a chance to imagine themselves having acquired the product physically. It also gets them excited about it. So make sure your images and videos are good quality, sound is great and most importantly your content is original. Don’t try to copy what your competitor is doing. You could borrow a few tips from their videos but make your own. Also a key point when adding images to your product page, name the file as the exact product name and it should also contain your target keyword.


Add testimonials and reviews on your product pages

One way to add high relevancy on your product page is by including testimonials and reviews. Every shopper on the internet is always quick to look at the reviews and see what people are saying about the product. A product with 4.0 to a 5.0 star rating and positive comments will definitely have more sales than one with lower ratings so make sure to add that to boost sales. Positive reviews on your product will also make your product pages be seen as trustworthy.

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Consider writing articles about your products⌨️

Most shoppers tend to research more on a product before purchasing them. Therefore, the best thing you could do is write articles on tips and how to guide your products. This way you make it easy for the shopper to make an informed decision about the product and also you get to build trust with the user as well. Make sure to add internal links that point back to the product you are discussing in the article. Internal linking also helps the search engines understand the hierarchy of your website. 


Highlight Key features and benefits of your product

When writing your product description, focus on what benefits and value the shopper will get from your product. If you are selling electronics such as a phone talk about the specs, if you are selling jewelry talk about its quality, durability and how it can go with any outfit. Online shoppers can sometimes be in a rush hence why you should grab their attention by highlighting your products key features.

If you need help with your ecommerce product descriptions, feel free to get in touch with us at Content Authority and we will be happy to help.

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