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Does a business exist if no one can see it? This is where SEO comes into play. When it comes to creating exceptional content you really want to have a complimenting SEO strategy. With Content Authority we have SEO specialists that have worked on international and local companies across multiple niches with outstanding results. So we can guarantee they know their stuff and have the customers long term success at the forefront of all decisions. Being as high on page 1 of Google when your customers are making searches, will increase the amount of traffic your business will receive. Everything is covered like the performance of your site, local search, on page, off page optimizations.

SEO Page – Service Page

The Internet is a very large place. There are over one billion websites out there. Yet most of these websites get few to no visitors, with a handful of giants dominating the online space. When you publish your own website, you don’t want it to sit there in cyberspace ignored by the world. You want potential clients and customers to find you with ease and be so pleased with what you have to offer that they can’t help but click through to the sale (or consultation). That’s where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes into the picture.

SEO is the practice of increasing your website’s visibility on search engines without the use of paid advertising. Although the world of SEO is ever-changing as digital marketers adapt to new innovations, some principles remain consistent. Content Authority aim to be at the forefront of SEO: both keeping its strong foundations alive and helping to break new ground. Read on to find out more about some of the principles of powerful SEO and how Content Authority can help you put them into practice.

Top-notch SEO Optimised Website Content

No amount of SEO will be as effective as it could be without high quality content. Content that informs, entertains and meets reader’s needs. Content that readers will want to share on their social networks (more on that later). Content can take various forms, from blog posts to articles, videos to infographics.

Your content is your voice. It’s how you convey a message to your potential customers about what you can do for them. At Content Authority, we stand by our commitment to giving you the best possible content for your business, whatever medium it may be in.

Keywords related to your Industry

What exactly are people looking for when they go searching in Google and come across your website? What sort of words and phrases are they using to get there? That’s the question that you need to ask as you explore the effective use of keywords.

Which words do you want to rank for? A keyword research tool can help you discover how many users per month are searching for those words as well as find out similar ones. Both common and not so common keywords have their benefits and drawbacks and so do “long-tail” and “short-tail” keywords. Content Authority can help you to rank with the keywords that are right for you.

Keyword Research

Good research is the foundation of content that addresses web user’s needs. At Content Authority we stand for quality over quantity. We don’t just churn out rushed SEO pages in order to make a quick buck. Our writers are university-educated with backgrounds in fields such as journalism and we take research very seriously: research into information, research into keywords and research into SEO in general including the ever-changing nature of the business.

Onsite and Offsite Links

Some say that link-building is the most important aspect of SEO. They certainly make a difference, and it’s possible to use all kinds of links to your advantage. A large number of internal links on your page will let Google know the page is important (sometimes a lack of links can even hurt its rankings). If a reputable website links to your site, you’re in luck. It functions as an endorsement from a credible external page letting web users know that you’re a great source of information.

Shareable Content

One of the most effective ways to get your message out into the world these days is to create content that entices people to share it on social media. Do you ever see an article one of your friends posted on Facebook and feel like you can’t help but click after seeing the intriguing headline, the attention-grabbing image. Content Authority aims to create that kind of online content for your business. Shareable content should be entertaining, organised in a non-confusing way (subheadings, bullet points etc.), informative and useful and, in some cases, affirm web users existing attitudes and beliefs.

Starter SEO Tips

There are lots of simple yet effective ways to boost your SEO visibility. Here are just a few for starters:

– Research the competition. Who is offering what you have to offer and ranking on the first page of Google. How are they doing it?

– Write decent meta titles and meta descriptions for your page. This is what Google shows underneath the headline.

– Use video content! Videos are attention grabbing and easily shareable and even people who think they’re too busy to read a blog post are often willing to take time out to watch them.

Get in touch with Content Authority so that we can help you with top-quality professional website content and the other SEO needs of your business. Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page to get started.