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Website Design Mistakes To Avoid For Your Business

Most business owners by now understand what an online presence be it on social media or having a user friendly website can do for your business. A unique, interesting  and responsive website design can help attract customers to your business but unfortunately most business owners may not have the time to check on their websites’ quality and if everything is in top condition hence leading to poor conversion rates. Also small businesses owners may opt to be in charge of their own website design to save on cash. While there’s nothing wrong with that, some may not understand the principles of designing an ideal website.

With that being said, here are some common website design mistakes business owners tend to make.


Your website is too crowded?

When we say that your website should be interesting and enjoyable to navigate, it doesn’t mean that you crowd your website with too much information and imagery. Once a visitor clicks on your website and they are unable to understand what your business is about in a matter of seconds, chances are they will click off your website. No one wants to land on a site and get lost in the clutter. Also a crowded website will take time to load and if there’s one thing people distaste it’s a slow website.

To avoid this, professional designers advise that you should make use of whitespace. When used effectively, it provides separation, highlights the important information on your page and it also gives the visitor room to breath.


Your website is missing a call to action

You may have noticed that your website is receiving a lot of traffic but your conversion rates are still low. This could be because your website is missing a call to action or your call to action isn’t strong enough. A call to action commands your visitors to do something eg. “click here to register”, “learn more”, “get a quote”, “give us a call” etc. Your call to action should tell the visitor exactly what they should do. Give the visitor enough information so that they know what they will get from taking action and what information they will need to provide from their end. Also give your visitor a chance of going through your website before your call to action shows up.


Your site is not secure?

Your website needs a HTTPS certificate to be considered safe for users. The padlock symbol beside your website’s URL means that your site is secure. If your website isn’t secure, the user will get a message advising them that the website isn’t safe and they should be careful not to key in any personal or confidential information on the website as cyber criminals may intercept that valuable information. This will deter them from signing up to your newsletter or purchasing anything from your website. Get in touch with your hosting provider  and ask for recommendations on how to keep your website safe.


Too many Ads on your website

As much as advertising, especially on blogs, is regarded as one of the main income streams, too many flashy ads act as a distraction which will put off your visitors. I’m sure we have all stumbled upon such a website before so we can attest to how annoying and distracting it can be. For Pop up ads, ensure that they are easy to close and that they don’t cover the whole screen.


Your website has typography mistakes

If your visitors are having a hard time reading the content on your website, that’s a huge problem. There are certain font styles such as cursive fonts that can be difficult to read hence your users may not be able get the information they need from your website. For mobile users, ensure that the font can automatically adjust to the right size and formatting. In addition, don’t use too many font styles and types to avoid creating confusion. Changing your fonts too often creates a visual speed bump that breaks your visitors focus and concentration. When it comes to the color of your text and background, avoid picking colors that will cause eye strain to the user. Use colors that are comfortable to read.


Make your navigation buttons clear?

It’s important to make sure that your visitors move from one web page to another seamlessly without guessing and wondering where they are. Also making your navigation menu hard to find is a common web design mistake that can cost you so much. Do you remember a time where you were on a certain website but couldn’t find the navigation menu for some reason? How frustrated were you? Exactly, make sure your navigation bar is easily noticeable.


Get to understand your website’s SEO and Analytics

SEO and analytics will tell how well your website is performing. If you wish for your website to rank higher on the search result pages, familiarize yourself with the effective SEO practices such as using popular keywords that match what your business does. Google analytics can help you find out the number of visitors you get per day and what activities they do while they are there. This way you’ll be able to understand what your visitors like, what they don’t and areas to improve on. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these tools.

If any of these issues sound familiar, make sure you work on them and improve them as soon as you can. At Content Authority, we can make your website go from a 0 to 100. Feel free to contact us for that and more.