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Visual Marketing Tips To Get Your Content Noticed ? | Content Authority

Tips to Get Your Content Noticed

I bet you have heard the saying “pictures are worth a thousand words” a couple of times. When it comes to content creation, this is when we use visual marketing. Visual marketing is a powerful strategy that can leverage great results for your website and content. Have you ever read content or visited a website that has very little to no images, videos or infographics? I’m sure you were instantly bored? in a matter of seconds. This is exactly what you don’t want for your content. Humans are visual creatures so naturally, working with visual marketing is such a promising approach. However, just like any other strategy, you need to know how to use it to achieve good results.

With that being said here are some useful tips you can incorporate into your landing page designs.

Understand the rules of good website design 

A number of DIY tools that we find online don’t necessarily give you the know-how when it comes to design. Some of the basic principles you should follow include;

  • Leave enough white space between your visuals to avoid your page from looking cluttered and hard to navigate through causing your content to become more of a distraction than an attraction for your audience.
  • Visual Imagery can slow down the loading speed? of your page if you do not properly resize or compress them. This will send potential viewers clicking away from your site/content. Use tools like Google Pagespeed Insights to analyze your pages speed and take note on the things you should adjust.
  • Typography decision matters. Pick the right font and font size that can easily be read. Don’t try to be too fancy to the point where you forget about the message you intend to convey. Try to avoid cursive fonts and keep an eye out for letter spacing as well. If you choose native fonts instead of Google Fonts this will increase your page load speed time.
  • People react to color in different ways?. Color can be used for impact and to attract attention. For example a call to action can be highlighted or written in red or any other striking color to make it stand out. Something you should note, don’t use too many colors that are completely off from your brand colors and identity. Doing so may confuse your readers. Ensure the colors work harmoniously.
  • Align your visuals with texts. Texts are helpful for in-depth descriptions and short labels. Visual elements might help fill the gaps left by the other and capture your audience’s attention. Ensure that nothing overlaps the other to avoid disorderliness.


Use Diverse Visual Marketing styles

Use different formats and styles to promote your brand and content so as to break monotony and also to make your content more interactive. When you diversify your visuals, you tend to reach a wider audience. The most common visual marketing content types include;


Create Original Visual Content

Giving your audience original content that can be easily linked back to your website, content, business or product when shared is a win for you. You can create original visual content by recording videos? or taking photos using your phone if you don’t own a camera, learning basic editing skills on YouTube or learning how to use DIY editing programs like Adobe Spark. This will save you money from outsourcing graphic designs. With time, you could invest in buying a high quality camera.


Use User-Generated Content(UGC)

Reposting content that your audience has posted on their social media platforms makes your brand appear  more human and also you establish a sense of social proof and trust. It’s a fact that us humans believe more of what other people say about a brand as compared to what the brand says itself. This strategy could help you stand out from your competitors.


Go live?

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter give you the chance to show your face live to your audience. During these sessions you could take them behind the scenes of your product or services, Q&A sessions or just have a casual conversation with your audience. This will definitely make them feel comfortable and closer to you.


Visualize Your Data

Visualizing your data can make complex topics easier to understand and digestible. This can take on a variety of shapes. It might be a simple bar graph? or pie chart that highlights your data in summary. Alternatively, an infographic can do wonders on more complex topics.


Adapt To The Different Platforms?

When creating your visual pieces, put into consideration the platforms you will be sharing those pieces on. For example when posting videos on Instagram or Facebook, take note of the duration limit. Most people also on these platforms enjoy short, to the point kind of content. 


Use Professional Design Tools

Make sure to pick a tool that helps you plan your creative pieces accordingly and has the resources you need to create what your brand requires. A good way to make sure a tool will produce the best results is to look at the pieces other people produced while using it.

Visuals make your content memorable. Don’t tell if you can show!?