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Infographics Marketing | Content Authority

Infographics Marketing

If you are looking for new ways to talk to your customers then consider adding Infographics to your marketing repetoire. Stand out from your competitors and let your brand do the talking. Create visually engaging content that your customers can consume without having to read thousands of words. Content Authority helps businesses in creating engaging and creative Infographics to help boost online marketing. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how we can increase your online marketing results with Infographic marketing today.

What is an Infographic

Infographics are an extremely valuable tool in conveying complex messages. Utilising imagery, charts and short pieces of text to summarise a key topic or message. Businesses are using infographics to boost their online social media marketing engagement, break down annual business reports, highlight key messages, direct customers towards an action or educate their customers. In a highly competitive digital marketing environment infographic marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and use infographics to tell your brand story.

Infographics for Online Marketing?

Marketers often use infographics to summarise topics in a fun and educational manner of which audiences respond well to. 

Infographic Digital Marketing benefits

  • Communicate brand messages
  • Tell a story about your brand
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Use your creativeness to engage customers
  • Breakdown complex topics 
  • Can summarize key points of a blog post 
  • Great resource 
  • Educational tool 
  • Can be used during pitches to stakeholders/team members 
  • Template tools online 
  • Easy method of demonstrating industry expertise
  • Value boost for website


Infographic Search Engine Optimisation benefits

  • Great way to get backlinks
  • Reach out to bloggers and ask if they would like to write about your infographic
  • Easily able to submit an infographic to image directories
  • People love reading Infographics so this will increase on page dwell time
  • Google loves quality content that users share and engage with
  • These can be used on pinterest, linkedin, facebook, instagram and many more channels


Infographic Marketing Social sharing benefits

  • 3x more liked or shared than any other online content 
  • Increased audience engagement 
  • Visually engaging 
  • Information is easier to retain 
  • Higher levels of viral potential 


Downside of Infographic Marketing

  • Can be time consuming to create 
  • Planning is required
  • Creativity and brand understanding is imperitive
  • Need to be created with a goal or purpose in mind
  • Similar designs can cause confusion 


Types of Infographics 

Statistical Infographics

Statistical infographics focus on the data, providing the ideal template for demonstrating survey results, using numbers to back up your argument and/or comparing data from multiple sources. 


Informational Infographics

As seen in our infographic on infographics this template summarises a topic or can break down a new/specialised topic into a readable format. 


Timeline Infographics

Timelines are an easy format for most people to follow, as such timeline infographics are best suited to giving an overview of events, historic timeline and to emphasis key dates (for example a restaurant’s upcoming theme nights).


Process Infographics

As the name implies, process infographics outline a process. Ideal for step-by-step guides and are best kept simple with a numbered outline or so forth.


Geographic Infographics

Utilising map charts as the main focus, Geographic Infographics are used when explaining location or demographic based data. Designers may use a heat map, icons and brief labels or a map series to best convey their message.


Comparison Infographics

Businesses often use Comparison Infographics to outline why their product is better than another. Split the infographic down the middle to clearly divide the two options. Classic marketing tools can be used here such as bright colours on the side you want the reader to use. 


Hierarchical Infographics

Hierarchical Infographics are used to clearly outline important information. Typically you would put the most important information at the top centre and flow downwards into less important information from there. 


List Infographics

The more engaging and visually appealing alternative to a classic list. List infographics are used to share resources, examples or tips in a basic, easy to follow format. To retain attention here it is imperative that great visuals and vibrant colours are used. 


Infographic Resume

This one is used by marketers before they land a job, used as a creative twist on your standard resume. It can be difficult to get noticed in the job market, so an infographic resume provides a quirky way to stand out with prospective employers. 


Infographic Services

At Content Authority we believe the benefits of utilising infographics as part of your business’ marketing strategy speak for themselves. We aim to overcome any potential cons, by researching, designing and distributing your infographics. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today for more information.