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Website Design for Accommodation, Finance, Trades, Events - Content Authority

Website Design Services

The team of expert web designers at Content Authority can help you craft an attention grabbing and industry leading website design. We incorporate all of your business branding into a beautiful design website that provides an A class customer first experience. The designs incorporate high conversion sales strategies to ensure traffic is turning into sales. A core component of our websites is the Search Engine Optimisation implemented during the design and build stage of the website. No stone is unturned when it comes to designing high quality websites.


We have designed websites for a number of industries:

  • Accommodation and Travel
  • Trades and Services
  • Events Management
  • Restaurants
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Finance


Our website designs are fully responsive making them mobile, desktop and tablet responsive, which guarantees your business will look great on virtually any device. Especially on mobile, your content will be shown perfectly without bugs. With over 60% of travel and accommodation bookings done over mobile nowadays it’s important that your website is mobile optimised.

mobile optimised accommodation website


We install in your website a set of amazing technical features that boost your website presence through search engine optimization. This will help take your online and direct sales to the next level with a fabulous hotel booking site beyond other competitors. Our highly experienced SEO team has a premium set of technical performance features like voice search optimisation and structured markup data to maximise SEO potential.

seo for hotels


An important function of your website is to provide as much value to your customers as possible. By showing nearby places through an integration with Google Maps will make your audience excited to visit other areas. This will highlight your location and ease of access to local attractions and things to do. This is also a great way to increase your online SEO and authority on the local area by providing useful information.

hotel website with online booking functions


By adding blogs, your website can attract new target markets and increase the overall online visibility of your property. This will result in an increase in traffic on your site. This allows you to provide your customers with valuable information that is related or compliments your brand or products. Google looks highly upon business websites who provide a lot of content to their customers. Choosing topics that are highly sought after is an easy way to get started. Covering your core topics first and expanding out into broader topics is the best way to plan your content.

motel website design


Highlight Special Offers and FAQ’s with Impact Designs

All of our websites include functional pages such as FAQ, 404, contact, about, privacy and terms & conditions etc… that will be convenient for you and your customers to get more information about your business. We ensure your website has the core pages in alignment with Google’s best website practices.

hotel website design