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Reasons Why You Might Not Be Getting Google Traffic | Load Time Issues

A number of business owners struggle to get google traffic to their website and it’s usually one of their top struggles. According to a study recently done by Ahrefs, 91% of web pages get no traffic from google. If you ask me, that’s a huge percentage which means if this is happening to your website you are part of the 91%. There are a number of reasons as to why this could be happening not to mention the amount of competition that’s there on the internet. Luckily, there are some steps and strategies that you can take to change this narrative. With that being said, let’s have a look at why you aren’t getting any traffic as you had expected. 

Your site is too slow?

If your website takes too long to load, I guarantee you that your bounce rate will be high. Internet users enjoy and prefer perusing through websites that are fast and ones that give them what they are looking for without much stress. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, it’s highly likely that the visitor will exit your page. You may be getting a lot of referral from friends and recognition from social media but once a visitor lands on your website and experiences how slow it is, then they will leave. Remember that google penalizes sites that are too slow and rewards those that offer a good user experience. 

There is a tool known as Lighthouse  that gives you an extremely detailed report and they break down for you what is slowing down your website and also solutions on how you can improve. Some of these solutions include resizing your images, using the right image types (this will change depending on each asset and it’s placement on your website) avoiding some external website fonts, using a free CDN like cloudfare, using website caching for returning website users and more. Use the report you get as your guide. 

You can also try GTmetrix and Google Page Insights.

Your Website is not crawlable

Website crawling is the automated fetching of web pages by a software process in order to index the content of websites so they can be searched. The web crawler also known as the spider at times analyzes the content of the page looking for links to the next pages to fetch and index. Indexing is the process where search engines organise information before a search to enable fast responses to queries. If your website is not indexed, it’s going to make it hard for Google to find your website hence why you need to fix the issue immediately. Make sure that you create a sitemap then request Google to crawl your site by submitting via Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is your online Google website monitoring and analysis tool. If you want to deep dive into your websites structure and any possible performance issues affecting your indexing, this will be an important tool you will need. This is also a tool that Google uses to display all your data that the Google crawlers pickup on your website. It will show you average rankings and visits to your website so you can identify pages not indexed and not recieving traffic.

You recently redesigned or changed your website or its new

google traffic (1)

You may have recently decided to redesign your website or change a few things that will most likely cause you to lose the followers you worked so hard to gain. Though if you feel change is necessary there are certain steps you can take to ensure you don’t lose your previously gained traffic such as checking the link structure of your inbound links in order to make sure they are working correctly on your site and ensuring your 301 redirects are mapped out correctly. As for new websites, it takes time for Google to recognise your website and web pages therefore you’ll have to be patient to see any results. If you want to check whether Google knows your website exists search site:your, for example

Your Website May Not Have High Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks also known as inbound links are links from one website to a page on another website. It is said that not all links are created equally. Google can easily penalize you for using spammy and risky links. Your aim is to prove to Google that your site deserves to be ranked therefore you need high quality and authoritative backlinks. So if you have a lot of quality links then it shows your website has authority. When building links there are things you shouldn’t do such as buying links or getting the links from irrelevant sites. One way you can get quality links is by producing quality content. SEO backlink tools such as Ahrefs and Spyfu will help you see what kind of backlinks you have.

Your website isn’t user friendly

If your website isn’t easy to use especially on mobile phones then your traffic will be extremely low. Many users usually do a quick search on their phones and if one was to click on your website and find it hard to navigate around it then they will not hesitate to click away from your website. Always remember it’s always about user experience. Finding things like contact information and any other relevant information should be a breeze for the user. At all costs don’t forget to optimise your website for mobile. The team at Content Authority can easily help you with this and all you need to do is get in touch with us.

These are just some of the few reasons why your website isn’t getting traffic. Sometimes you may notice that your traffic may have dropped and it has nothing to do with what you haven’t done. It could be things like algorithm changes as Google always strives to look for ways to improve results or natural changes where Google may bring newer results first and push older content down.

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