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Social Media Marketing | Content Authority

Social Media Marketing is a crucial ingredient in the formula for marketing success. As one of the most cost-effective and versatile marketing strategies, social media advertising is incorporated by 97% of marketers. With 3.1 billion people expected to be using social media channels by 2021, it is obvious why this platform should be utilised by all businesses. 

Social media opens the communication between customers and businesses for the better, where you can gain vital customer insights. Further assisting with your overall brand awareness, brand loyalty and brand authority. 

You will also notice an increase of inbound traffic, as each piece of social media content links back to your website. A strong social media presence assists with your overall search engine ranking as you are classes as valued and trusted/credible.

facebook marketing for hotels

Facebook Advertising Services 

  • Create or update your business’ Facebook page
  • Correct Pixel Installation 
  • Review goals and objectives 
  • Correct selection of audience (age, location, demographic) 
  • Identify best suited advertising strategy
  • Campaign launch
  • Record and utilise customer insights/trends
  • Regular maintenance of account 

Facebook is Australia’s most popular social media platform, at Content Authority we can help set up your business’ Facebook page and strategy to best reach target audiences and increase engagement. 


instagram marketing for hotels

Instagram Marketing Services 

  • Increased clicks to your website
  • Increased awareness and conversions 
  • Corrected use of Instagram targeting options 
  • Image and video content 
  • Refined messages 


Instagram ads assist in reaching a larger audience, that you may not have even known existed, due to the mass engagement on Instagram. We link your Facebook’s targeted users with Instagram to maximise efficiency and user knowledge. To nail Instagram, we will help your business target the correct audience, formulate the best message possible and achieve your primary goals.


linkedin marketing for hotels

Linkedin Marketing Services

  • Review of business goals 
  • Setup or update Linkedin account
  • Identify target audience/job titles 
  • Landing pages 
  • Text ads 
  • Launch campaign 
  • Continual monitoring, support and maintenance 

Linkedin has exploded as the world’s leading professional social media network and the #1 platform for B2B lead generation. Content Authority will help grow your Linkedin account into one of your biggest assets. 


pinterest marketing for hotels

Pinterest Marketing Services 

  • Pinterest strategy 
  • Account management (pinning, sharing, etc) 
  • Trend analysis 
  • Keyword research and application 

Pinterest is a social media platform often overlooked by businesses, however with 250 million active users, it is time to start paying attention. Content Authority can help your business thrive on Pinterest!


youtube marketing for hotels

Youtube Marketing Services

  • Campaign design, implementation and management 
  • Linking Youtube ads with Google Adwords 
  • Tracking and reporting 
  • Advice, support and maintenance 

Youtube is the dominating platform for video content and provides a less expensive advertising strategy to TV advertising. As the most visited site in the world, we highly encourage our clients to implement Youtube Advertising as a part of their marketing plan. Leave the hard part to us, by enlisting Content Authority’s Youtube advertising services. 


twitter marketing for hotels

Twitter Marketing  Services 

  • Account creation and management 
  • Twitter Objectives and goals 
  • Promote website clicks and app installation 
  • Tracking and reporting 
  • Trend analysis 

Twitter users are receptive and searching for new content, connections, brands and products… making it a great place for businesses to advertise. Content Authority can enable your business to amplify your message on Twitter and see positive ROI. 


snapchat marketing for hotels

Snapchat Marketing  Services

  • Account creation and management 
  • Geolocation creation for your business/special events/etc 
  • Article posts on Snapchat’s trending page 
  • Reporting 

When considering social media advertising, for many companies, Snapchat is not the first thought. However, for targeting younger demographics Snapchat is both cost-effective and productive. Allow the team at Content Authority to run this account for your business.