YouFoodz Case Study

Influencer marketing can be surmised as the combination of old and new promotion tools, taking the premise of celebrity endorsement and converting it to a present-day content-driven marketing campaign; through the collaborations of brands and social media influencers.  

One of the leading business advertising trends currently is this amplification of brand marketing/awareness through social media influencers. A primary example of this can be seen in the Youfoodz Winter Menu Case Study. 

YouFoodz is an Australian fresh meal company that delivers to customers doors and is stocked across 3,000 stores nationally, predominantly targeting millennials. Youfoodz implemented influence marketing when launching their new winter menu, partnering with health and fitness influencers on Instagram. 

The company worked with 81 influencers, who created a total of 167 content pieces for the campaign and shared more than 162 Instagram stories, all of which promoted the healthy and convenient Youfoodz menu options (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2018). 

An example of one of the influencer posts can be seen in Figure 1, featuring Emily Venz who has over 100 thousand followers. 


The Instagram influencers curated 69,938 direct engagements on campaign content, 507,909 impressions on campaign content and 1,457,142 social reach across Facebook and Instagram. Testifying to the power of influence and necessity of integrating social media marketing as a main channel in building and engaging audiences in the food space and any organisation focusing on the target market of millennials.

Micro influencers 

Youfoodz recognised that in order to effectively influence audiences you must have a pre established level of trust that chosen influencers had with their followers. The company was clever in its selection of influencers; working with a new kind of influencer known as “micro” or “macro” influencers that have a follower count below a “super” celebrity, but still have a respectable several thousand followers (see Figure 2) or a hundred thousand fans. 


This smaller scale of influencer marketing assists with authentic advertising that does not appear as a huge brand endorsement but rather as relatable influencers truly enjoying a healthy meal and wanting to share it with their followers. Maximising on emotional connection, which is proven to be a far better route to effectiveness in reaching return on investment and building a loyal clientele. 

This campaign also recognised that audiences depend on media to reach goals, such as eating healthy, and leveraged this to achieve strong brand awareness and product support across social media 

In a time of digital growth beyond what was ever imagined, companies must acknowledge and utilise influencer marketing to remain relevant and best reach target audiences. The Youfoodz case study executed influencer marketing for their Winter Menu launch and saw astronomical engagement reach and return on investment, thereby attesting to the success of applying influence as a tactic under IMC marketing campaigns. Youfoodz is now one of the leading brands in the healthy food market with arguably the strongest social media presence. 

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