Spotify dominates the digital music streaming industry, offering access to the widest range of artists songs, podcasts and videos. The lucrative organisation draws such a diverse and rising audience through free (ad supported) access to all content and premium uninterrupted listening. 

Spotify’s 2017 New Year’s Campaign focused on satisfying customer wants with hard hitting data, witty commentary and anonymous personalisation to pave the way for their avant-garde “2018 Goals Campaign.” 

The data-driven, outdoor (environmental advertising) paid social adverts focused on user’s potential ‘2018 goals’ with hyperlocal positioning on billboards across the world. The campaign was so successful that they continue to use it each year. 

Spotify’s Target Audience

The target audience of the Spotify 2017 New Year’s Campaign cannot be categorised to one demographic as the typical Spotify experience is so personalised and inclusive of all varying content tastes and needs. 

Spotify does not even refer to its target audience as that or as customers, but rather as ‘fans,’ which is further demonstrated in Spotify’s Creative Marketing Officer’s reflection of the campaign where he states to be “delivering, to nearly every one of our fans, an individualised dashboard (see figure 1) of their musical habits.” 

The campaign caters to all audiences in its 2017 year-in-music wrap-ups, evident through the hyperlocal positioning of billboard adverts such as this politically-minded advert positioned in the US during politically heated times (see figure 2)

Figure.1 Individual Advertising 


Figure.2 Hyperlocal US Billboard


Spotify’s Campaign Effectiveness 

The campaign is certainly effective evoking an emotional experience that is already underlined in music and providing factual data on users listening habits. The tone of the campaign is knowledgeable/factual, relevant to current world events and humorous/light-hearted. 

All of which work together to support the belief that Spotify is a credible, user focused, organisation that is paying attention to current happenings in the world whilst providing its fans with the best possible experience. 

The overall message of the campaign is that Spotify is looking forward to the next year, maximising on the reflectiveness often undergone by publics as one year closes and another begins. As well as aiming to “inject optimism and humour” after a year of rapid change and experiences globally (Nudd, 2018). 


In summary, Spotify’s 2017 New Year’s Campaign, stood out as one of the best creative campaigns due to its timeliness, point of differences and overall creativity. It is effective in reaching existing users while attracting attention from non-users for its uniqueness. Focusing on personalised advertising at such a large scale is ingenious and strongly assists the cultivation of Spotify’s reputation as a globally conscious user focused organisation. 


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