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Canva’s $3.2 Billion worth and big plans for 2020 | Content Authority

Canva Growth Plans for 2020

Canva is one of our favourite graphic design tools and was founded right here in Aus by University drop out Melanie Perkins.

Melanie had an idea, to change the face of design publishing and end death by Powerpoint. 

And so, in 2013 Canva launched. You will struggle NOT to find a suitable design template for your next project. 

Canva helps create email headers, animated social media posts, pitch slides and everything in between! 

Users have access to millions of images, photo filters, free icons/shapes and hundreds of fonts.

Discovering Canva is an absolute game changer for your designs, business layout and personal professionalism. It is that good. 

Canva claims a mere 23 seconds is all you need to allow to learn the ropes and boasts an impressive 10 million plus user base expanding over 190 countries. 

Canva’s Sydney based HeadQuarters has been making huge leaps, hiring close to 1000 new employees by the end of business for 2019 with plans to double this in 2020.  So what is the next step for Canva? Well, it appears a whole lot of strategic partnerships! Canva has announced over 30 new partnerships for the launch of Canva Apps. 

Including big tech names such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Instagram allowing the workflow process to be streamed. 

The ultimate goal, it appears, for these partnerships is to maximise the user experience on Canva and allow even greater functionality.  2020 will also introduce Canva Video, a professional video making tool that will help users produce the highest quality video content. As we (and Canva) know, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. 

Canva Chief product officer and co-founder Cameron Adams said, 

“Our mission is to empower everyone to design anything without any complex software or having to go to different sources for different elements.” 

“We’re bringing the same experience to our video editing tool. This means we take stock video, soundtracks, layouts, typography, animations and integrate it into one experience.”

Ultimately, Canva is making huge leaps to revolutionise the design publishing sector. Global domination, innovation and further inventions certainly is on the cards for this growing empire.  


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