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Five Finance Digital Marketing Tips | Content Authority

Finance Digital Marketing Tips

The finance industry will continue to play a big part in Australia’s economy as Australians rely on providers of digital financial services to help manage their money now and into the future. Like all other businesses, digitial financial service providers therefore need effective online seo marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition and gain and retain loyal customers.

Quality website content is one of the key ingredients that gets your message through to the public. By using different kinds of content such as website content, blogs, articles, e-books, e-mail marketing and social media posts, you can reach a broad range of people. An effective use of SEO can help your business to rank highly on Google and turn strangers searching the net with an inquiry into dedicated clients and customers.

At Content Authority, we aim to create content that both search engines and readers respond to. We’ll put together a content strategy that will help your financial institution stand out from the crowd.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when digital marketing your financial enterprise.

Be mindful of your demographics

Who are you trying to reach? Who will you services help? And what is your target audience when you publish a new piece of content? Whether you’re aiming to reach young people at the start of their financial journey, professionals looking for investment opportunities or retirees, you need to demonstrate why they should trust you with their money. You, not another company.

A lot of them came of age during the 2008 financial crisis and are sceptical of investing. Therefore it makes sense to explain why your products are a safe bet for their money.

When marketing to seniors, it’s important to emphasise how your products can help them get the most out of their retirement. Don’t assume, however, that they aren’t tech-savvy. The aim is to match your content with your age group to increase engagement through relevance.


Educate readers about valuable finance topics

You’re the experts on the topic. That’s why you’re in this industry. So use your expertise to help the average person without a financial background to make informed decisions.

There’s a reason that The Barefoot Investor was the best-selling book in the country in 2017. People want to save money. They want to make their money go further. While you’re in the process of enticing them into a sale, give them some financial knowledge that will continue to benefit them in the future.


Include useful links

One of the best strategies to improve online performance and rank highly on Google is through the effective use of backlinks, links that connect one webpage to another. In , Matthew Barby shares some interesting results from his study: on the front page of Google, the top two results equated to having 38% of the backlinks. Links are what allow a user to find further information about or topic or continue reading on a sub topic. This is a good way to provide seo link juice to internal pages deeper in the hierachy.


Display reviews

You might be concerned that a negative review on a platform such as Facebook will damage the company’s image. Yet if you respond in a skilful way (), it can convey an image of control and professionalism. Negative reviews can be a learning experience and a chance to demonstrate your business’s impeccable customer service skills.


Use social media

Wherever else your target audience may be found, they’re certain to be on social media. Social media isn’t just for young people either. When you also consider that , it’s a given that social media is essential for any business to thrive, including a financial one. Social media can reach billions of users and facebook has made it mighty easy through the facebook business advertising platform. You have the ability to segment the market based on age, gender, interests and much more which enables a business to show targeted brand ads. This will ensure that marketing budgets are maximised and spent efficiently with the highest chance of a conversion.

We hope these five finance digital marketing tips have provided you with an insight into how to create more engaging social media content for your business. For a valuable social media content strategy that will help boost your online business google rankings to get in touch with Content Authority.