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Web Page Copy Writing Services | Hotels, Finance, Trades | Content Authority

Web Page Copywriting

Your business needs a web page and that page needs copy on it. The benefits to having a web page are many: it’s your calling card to the world and it lets your potential clients and customers know who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer. Although social media is an excellent way to get the word out and provides many avenues for marketing, having a web page will help you rank on the front page of the search engine results – as long as your content is strong. 

That’s the key. Generic content will fail to help you stand out among the competitors and content copied from another source will get you penalised. If you want the clicks, you need quality online material. Content Authority aim to create whatever type of copy you need to get your business noticed, regardless of what sort of business you’re in. On the World Wide Web, you have all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs out there with all kinds of copy and a lot of competition. Content Authority can create any kind of content you need: blogs, long-form articles, infographics, checklists, interviews, FAQs, white papers and more. Whatever you’re offering and whatever sort of content would suit you and your business goals best, Content Authority’s team of skilled and dedicated content writers will create it your way. That means in your brand voice. 


Why you need optimised web page copy

Your web page is not just a place for you to sell products (although it can be that too). It’s a place to communicate with your customers and show them what you have to offer. You need a website for your business – and one with good copy too. Here are some reasons why:

* It builds brand knowledge and trust. If you’re a new business, the public may not know much about you and what you have to offer yet. A professional-looking website makes you appear more legitimate and credible. 

* You’ll come up in search engines. This allows you to put content up on the website filled with the right keywords in order to entice more prospective buyers. Having content on your website is one of the easiest ways to rank for SEO. Also, contrary to what may be popular belief, long-form content ranks better than the shorter stuff, so it pays to go in depth with what’s on your website. 

* With a website you can show off your work rather than just talking about it. By including images, videos, a portfolio and testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers, you’re further showcasing what you can offer. With examples of your work on offer for the public to see, you’re building up your reputation bigger and better.   

* You can improve your customer service experience with tools such as a Frequently Asked Questions list, an e-mail list or a ‘Contact Us’ section with details including your phone number and e-mail address. 

* Information about your products at the top of a customer’s fingertips, meaning you spend less time explaining what you offer over the phone or in person. 

* Copy from your web page can be shared across other channels such as blogs or social media profiles. 

These are just for starters. There are many more reasons why you need decent content on your web page. 


What makes for good web page copy

Of course, the content has to have substance. Wishy-washy or generic, unoriginal content is almost as bad as none at all. Here are some tips:

* The best websites are customer-centric. SEO is important but it’s second to creating a website that’s easy for customers to use, with info they can easily understand. 

* Keep it up to date. A website that is constantly updated will make you look like you’re on top of your game and staying relevant. 

* Calls to action are an essential part of your marketing strategy. After the reader has spent some time on your website, what did you want them to do next? Buy something? Call or e-mail you? Once you’ve convinced a customer of what you can do for them, provide clear instructions so that they can follow through with giving you their business.

* This one should be a no-brainer, but proper spelling and grammar is essential if you want a credible and professional-looking website. This is another area where Content Authority can help. Our writers are university-educated and local with backgrounds in areas like journalism and English, so you know that what you get will contain an impeccable command of language. 

Got an idea in mind for what sort of copy you want on your website? Maybe you need some expert advice. Either way, Content Authority can help. Get in touch with us and our talented team of content writers can create content that meets all your needs.