There are several things Google looks for when determining whether your content is credible, authentic and worthwhile, one of them is link building. Link building is one way of establishing authority and it’s a strategy used to rank higher in the search engines. So if trustworthy sites link to your sites, it means that your site can also be considered trustworthy as well and if spammy sites link to your site, well you can guess what google may think of your site and content. In this article, we will give you some useful tactics to guide you in the right direction on ways you can build links to your website from other credible sites but before we get into that;


What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. With these links users can navigate between different pages found on different websites. The catch is that these links should come for credible, trustworthy sites and not spammy ones. If we are being honest, link building is considered a hard thing to do and once you master how to build quality links for your website, you can easily stand out from your competitors. To check whether a site has authority by using tools like Ahrefs, buying popping in the URL of the website and checking their Domain Rating (DR)


What are the link building tactics?


  • Try out guest blogging

Guest blogging also known as guest posting is where you write content for another company’s website within their niche. It’s one of the oldest link building tactics used by SEO experts. Guest bloggers do this in order to attract traffic back to their website, increase brand awareness and also to build relationships with people and companies who are within their niche. What most bloggers do is they add a link to their website giving a brief description about themselves on the page where the blog post has been posted which will attract the reader to click on it. Most sites are open to taking guest posts even if they haven’t advertised for one. Just look for these relevance sites and pitch your blog to them. If your content is well written, there isn’t a site that can decline such especially if it’s free.


  • Conducting outreach

Outreach simply means getting in touch with companies and people in your niche and introducing them to your content or ideas. For outreach, it doesn’t only work for content but also for your products, brand or services. Reach out to people who have mentioned your target keywords in their articles and people who have linked to similar articles on the topic.


  • Be active on social media

Social media can help you in building networks with different people in your niche. With that being said, it’s important for you and you to be active by posting images, videos, reels, infographics more frequently. Use the different social media platforms in order to attract more people and help them find what they want to see. Being active also increases your visibility and more people will share your content with other people who are interested in what you have to offer.


  • Content Marketing

Creating unique and original content will get you amazing backlinks. There are certain kinds of content that help with link building such as visual content. This kind of content involves images, infographics and videos. As humans we prefer consuming information that is easy to remember which visuals help with rather than reading a block of texts which for some may be boring. Also content that consists of lists for example, tips on how to, techniques and tips are also easy to read and remember plus it’s easily digestible for the reader. Other types of content that will help you build links include original research and in depth guides.


  • Check your competitor’s backlinks

Once you do your research, you may notice that your competitors are getting backlinks from famous blogging sites or news sources. This will give them an upper hand and they will appear at the top of the search engine results pages. By researching your competitors you will be able to find out the keywords they are using, the source of the links and the strategies they are using. Use tools like Ahrefs or Key in your keywords in those tools and you will find the web pages that are ranking high for that specific keyword then plug in the URLs retrieved on Ahrefs and you’ll get to see the number of links referring to the webpage and all the information you will need.


  • Broken link method

The broken link method is where you find pages with links that no longer work and requesting the blogger or page owner to replace the broken link with a link to similar content from your own site. Use Ahrefs’ broken link checker to see everyone who has linked to that page. You could reach out to the owners of these pages and ask them to swap out the broken/dead link with yours. If you need help any with building your brand or ranking higher on the different search engine platforms, get in touch with the team at Content Authority as we provide a variety of services that will help you achieve your goal.