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Writer's Block? Here Are Tips On How You Can Beat It

As content writers or creatives, we tend to experience writer’s block at times which can be so annoying and stressful. Things like deadlines, targets or even storylines can contribute to you hitting that mental wall. One of the biggest reasons why we tend to experience this as writer’s is perfectionism. You try to get everything done perfectly from the get go and if it doesn’t go the way you imagined in your head, which hinders you from starting. In this article, we will be discussing ways you can effectively beat writer’s block and create amazing content but before that let’s understand what writer’s block is.

What Is Writer’s Block?✍️

Writer’s block can be defined as the state of being unable to write anything or to come up with new content. It’s also when one experiences a creative slow down. This condition stems from difficulty in coming up with original ideas or something unique and different. There are some who believe that it could be a genuine disorder while others believe that it could just be in your head. Regardless of what it could be, the condition can be quite stressful.

How can one overcome writer’s block?

The good thing is that you can beat this condition using different strategies. These include;

Coming up with a writing routine

It’s true that creativity is something that comes naturally to an individual but the thing is when one tends to write when they only feel creative it’s very easy for you to get stuck and you might end up not making much progress. One has to find a way to discipline themselves to get writing on a regular basis. Come up with a schedule and figure out how often you would like to write in a week. It could be daily, every other day or on the weekends. All that matters is that you are writing and that you should stick to your schedule.

Trying out freewriting

Freewriting is the practice of writing down all your thoughts without stopping and without necessarily paying too much attention to spelling, grammar or any other rule of writing. The purpose of these exercise is to generate ideas and to get rid of any distracting thoughts. You can freewrite journaling, an essay, or fictional writing. The goal is to write without second guessing yourself. Find a perfect spot where you can sit, grab your writing material be it a laptop or paper then time yourself and get writing. From this you might get an idea that you would like to pursue.

Take your mind? off by doing other activities

If you find yourself staring at your laptop screen or your blank book for a while with zero ideas coming to mind try and do something different for a while before getting back to writing. You could either do a few chores around the house, take a walk or watch your favorite show. The good thing is that creativity can stem from anywhere through even taking a walk so it’s a win win for you. Even taking a nap can be effective. You might dream of something that could actually work as an idea.

Exercise your creative muscle?

Practice makes perfect even with writing so exercising those creative muscles will definitely help a lot. There are a number of creative writing exercises you can do such as writing a flash fiction or a letter to your younger self that will help you warm up those muscles and also you will get inspired.

Change your point of view

 Try changing your angle and look at it from a different perspective. Look at the roles you have given your characters in your story and try to make a few changes in order to spark a fresh and new story line. The minor character you had in mind can be the main lead then you could add other characters, change their profile and so on. Temporarily changing your perspective can give you new eyes to see what you can improve.

Make your writing process more visual

Sometimes words can fail you and at this point is where you can decide to go visual. Create mind maps or drawings that are related to your story that will help you unblock your mind. You could also use sticky notes on your wall or desk to outline whatever ideas you have. There are also apps that you can use such as the Inkflow app that work as visual word processors which makes it easy for you to move your ideas around.

Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. Creatives block happens to even the most talented writers out there. If you need to take a breather or some time off do exactly that and you will come back better. Try out some of these tips and tell us how it goes. If you would like some help with your writing, you could get in touch with the team at Content Authority.