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The Rise of TikTok - the Social Media App to Watch in 2020 | Content Authority

Meet TikTok 

If you are yet to hear of TikTok, what exactly have you been doing for the last few months? You would have to have been living under a rock to have missed the latest app rivaling the likes of Instagram in popularity. 

Launching in 2016, under Chinese parent company ByteDance, TikTok has quickly become the most downloaded app of 2019 and we are expecting big things in 2020. While many see a strong resemblance to the late Vine (rip), we believe TikTok is in a league of its own. #OkBoomer 

Tiktok is the leading platform for the sharing of short form videos and sees trends in dance challenges, popular songs and memes. Not only is the app trending across all professionals, walks of life and countries… but it is also a fantastic platform for advertisers to harness. 

TikTok For Advertisers 

For advertisers there is an opportunity to leverage in-feed ads, branded hashtag challenges, brand takeovers and shoppable ads. Some of the leading brands maximising on TikTok advertising include the likes of Ralph Lauren, the NFL and Chipotle. 

TikTok For Users

User’s AI-enabled “for you” pages are personalised treasure chests of trending pop culture, from the “Spooky Skeleton” challenge to dance duets. The app provides users with a place to unleash their creativity, expose their dance moves and produce quality content that other users love.

Oddly enough, in such a sensitive time, one of the most popular forms of content is self-depreciation videos. Meet the VSCO girl; she’s climate conscious, edits her photos accordingly, often reps a scrunchie or two on her wrist and is a little bit basic. She is a meme, however, a relatable one that a large percent of users identify with. Even so, if you spot a VSCO drag on TikTok you’ll still watch it and you’ll still enjoy it. 

Some of the most popular TikTok cliques include “the dancers” (short, quick bursts of routine to a popular song), “the comedians” (anything that gives you a giggle), “the e-boys” (don’t even ask), “the boomers” (shout out to our mums and dads), and “the cosplayers” (the most important clique). 

One of the best parts of TikTok, is its loose-grip on user’s content. While of course there is some censorship, as a whole, users are pretty free to post what they like, when they like. In a bid to reject the typical social media following process, TikTok mixes user’s “for you” page with content from users they actively followed and strangers they may have not seen. All filtered to their likes, interests and personal flavours. 

We think TikTok is the most human social media channel we’ve seen. Making it THE app/social media platform to watch in 2020.

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