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How Artificial Intelligence can boost your website | Content Authority

AI Marketing in 2020

2020 is just around the corner and the digital era demands continuously new and innovative content integration. So what is the next step for websites to keep up with user demands? Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides opportunity to boost productivity, increase your sales and improve the overall user experience when visiting your website. The tricky part, is ensuring your AI integration is both secure and well planned. Current data is essential for optimized AI cybersecurity algorithms. Lucky for you, Content Authority has the scoop, first, let’s consider the Pros and Cons of AI and websites. 

AI Marketing Benefits 

Use of Big Data

Big Data can be overwhelming and complicated for the best of us, AI helps clarify and sort data information into a clear result. A clear understanding of your data assist in gaging your business response to it. The accuracy of data is increased due to the amount of data provided by AI. Behavioural data with statistical analysis becomes readily available to give specific knowledge of what shoppers are looking for on your site, what they like and what they do not like.  

Business Decision Making 

AI offers consumer behaviour trend insight, for example you can add a virtual assistant to your website to help shoppers. Subsequently these bots observe customer habits and interests as they browse, which can be used to suggest relevant products/services suited to them. Business decisions can be backed with data to make important marketing decisions. 

Low cost, high profit

Bots don’t require health care, pension or paid vacations. Replacing human output reduces salary costs, optimising your overall budget.  

Faster service 

The great thing about bots is that they do not require lunch breaks, sleep or any down time… as such you have a 24/7 answerable service ready to have a chat with any users browsing your website! Helping increase customer satisfaction with your site. 

Increased audience reach 

AI can provide the opportunity to implement voice recognition, providing a better experience for visually impaired users, increasing your audience reach.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content creation

Because AI is not just virtual shopping assistants! Advanced SEO tools come under the umbrella of artificial technology, helping your website climb the Google search engine rank and see an increase of hits visiting your site. While SEO might be complicated, the tools are not! The trade off is that this also helps with content creation and tracking of customer behaviour. Ultimately helping business owners cater their websites content to what people are searching for. 

Customer Preservation 

Customer churn, for lack of a better term, is costing your business money! Not to mention the effect it has on your brand’s reputation. AI tools analyze your customers interactions with your website, developing warning signs for customers likely to leave your website for good. This insight is vital to gage what you are doing right and how to retain your current customers. 

Website Optimization

The theme of website optimization is strong throughout this entire article. AI’s analyzation of your customer base is continuously running through trends, patterns and clicks. This information becomes crucial in ensuring you use the correct language to suit your audience’s search bar questions, the imagery on your site and overall user experience. Ultimately optimizing your website


AI Marketing Disadvantages 

Black and White 

Unlike humans, bots will do exactly as you tell them, which can be good but this also means they show no initiative or ability to problem solve. If your bot gets a question worded in a way they have not been programmed for the response is unlikely to help your user. 

Lack of humanity 

Many people like the validation and ‘realness’ that comes from speaking with a human being and may struggle to speak to a computer system. Customers may become irritated if the bot cannot find the right answer or repeats itself. 


We know, we know… we said low cost. However, if you have extremely complex needs to programme into your bot then you are going to have to spend more setting this up. Though this is not a complete bot, a little investment in the beginning can have huge long-term benefits for your website and overall return on investment. 

In the marketing world, how well you know your customer will be reflected in your success. Personalisation, user experience and targeted ads have become first priority. In a time where 67% of the buyer’s journey is done online, it has become more essential than ever to ensure that your digital presence is in the best shape possible. 

So if you are considering implementing artificial intelligence to your website, at Content Authority we say GO FOR IT.