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Domain Investing: What You Need To Know(Part✌️ ) | Content Authority

In the previous article, we discussed what domain investing is,  the key things you should know about the business and what can make a domain name valuable. If you didn’t catch that piece, follow this link to read more on it. In today’s article we will go a little deeper on the subject. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Buying Domain Names?

Like we discussed earlier, domain investing involves buying and selling domain names. For you to sell these domain names you need to have a list of good names that will attract the buyer. Here are the ways and options you have when buying domain names.

  • Domain Marketplace

The largest three marketplaces most people purchase domain names include Content Authority Hosting,, and There are also smaller aftermarket websites you can use as well giving you options for your domain purchasing needs. For you to buy domain names from these marketplaces, you need to have an understanding on what makes a domain name valuable and the pricing. As a buyer, you have the option of bidding or using the “buy it now” option at the price listed by the owner.

  • Expired Domains⌛

Expired domain names are ones that haven’t been renewed at the end of their registration period. Once they expire, they become available for anyone to register them. Millions of domain names expire monthly so this would be the best way to obtain a high value domain name. Note that with this, competition is high as well therefore you are advised to use dropcatching companies to acquire the domains. Most companies charge a fee to acquire a domain once it expires. Dropcatching is catching a domain prior to being re-released for public registration. Sites like dropcatch help you get these names.

  • Domain auctions

This is where you bid for a domain name. It’s an exciting way of getting these names but it can be hard to get good deals. Sellers in these auctions include domain investors and companies that are no longer using their domain name or possess expired ones. These auctions happen online or live.

  • Hand Registration

This method is a cheap way of building a domain portfolio. Hand registration is referred to as registering a domain name that isn’t currently registered or owned by anyone. Domain investors register such names to a domain name registrar like Namecheap or Content Authority Hosting at wholesale prices. The price varies at each registrar and also the extension of the name eg .com or .NET plus length is a determinant.

Selling Domain Names

  • Marketplaces

Listing your domain names for sale on domain marketplaces gives you the opportunity to place the domains in front of investors and other buyers. The listing types available include “buy it now”, “make offer” or “user auction”. You could use multiple marketplaces to widen your audience. Examples include Namecheap, Sedo, GoDaddy,

  • Manually Promoting the Domain Names

It’s without a doubt that marketplaces are crowded and getting your domain names in front of the right people can be hard. That’s why it’s important to find other ways that will help you sell your names like manual promotion. You could do these by finding platforms that allow domain sale advertisements, utilizing social media, hiring a domain name broker to help with facilitating the sales or contacting prospective buyers directly via email or phone call. Remember to be respectful and avoid spamming groups or individuals and respond promptly to any queries about the domain names.

  • Indicate Clearly “For Sale” On The Domain’s Name Website

This will show prospective buyers that you are accepting offers for the domain name. There are services that will help you create a landing page for your website which will attract buyers. They include Content Authority Hosting, dynadot, efty and  This will make it easy for the investors and other buyers to inquire about buying the domain name.

Domain Investing Strategies 

  • Buy low sell high strategy

For you to succeed in this strategy, you need to understand the costs and values of domains. If you are a new investor this may be a hard strategy to start with. This strategy involves flipping domains which means buying and selling domains for a profit. It takes time and energy to buy good domains and find prospective buyers. For you to make profits, you must be willing to spend a few hours daily.

  • Domain Name Packing Strategy

Domain name set to packing is a way to hold the domain without using it for a website. Ads are then shown on the domain’s page generating income for any users that click on your ad.

What You Should Be Cautious Of When Investing

  • Scammers

Always be alert and cautious when dealing with either buyers or sellers on these domain investing platforms. Do research before purchasing a domain name as some may lie about the domain’s history and much more. It’s important to also involve a domain broker who will ensure smooth transactions

  • Domain Squatting

This is the practice where a domain name is bought  for the purpose of preventing someone from buying it. By doing this, domain squatters try to block the rightful owner of the trademark from acquiring the domain name and using it to increase their internet visibility

  • Purchase your domain from a legit seller

Purchase your domain name from individuals with an established track record. Check online forums for other people’s reviews and opinions.