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Crypto Information | Beginners Guide to Getting Started | Content Authority

Getting into Crypto

All the websites you need to know to get started in crypto. It can be quite confusing when you are first trying to get into crpto so I have put together a list of the main exchanges and coin wallets to get you started.


Coinbase – Coin Wallet

You will need this if you live in Australia for easy access to buy crypto from $AUD. It is compliant with Australian banks and makes life a lot easier when it comes to turning your crypto back into cash. Very easy to use and setup, just download the wallet on your phone. If you use the signup link provided both you and I will recieve $10 BTC. Great for beginners of crypto just wanting to get started.


Coinswith – Coin Exchange

Great exchange for people just wanting to swap their coins to and from their wallets without having to create an account on an exchange. You can create an account easy with Coinswith to track all your pending transactions. Very convenient for quick flipping of crypto and for certain cryptos only listed on certain exchanges like THETA.