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Wicked Bucks Case Study | Content Authority

Case Study

Wicked Bucks Parties – Record SEO Results – Complete SEO overhall, website re-design, SEO architecture, website performance upgrades


Case Study Complete SEO Overhall for Reduced Adwords Budget

Search Engine Optisation for Events Planning is one of our specialised areas of knowledge at Content Authority. With team members having exstensive knowledge of the industry the team were able to achieve record results for Wicked Bucks Parties a party planning website.

The business had been solely relying on a big online paid advertising budget. With an SEO strategy from the SEO team at Content Authority, we were able to achieve amazing results for the business.

The website was in dire need of a rebuild and provided a not so great user experience. The benefit of the rebuild was that we could fix all the onsite SEO load time performance and SEO ranking issues during the build allowing us to speed up results for the client.

With a complete content renovation and architectural restructuring we were able to double the online traffic and online visitors value. This ultimately resulted in a teriffic increase of online leads by 450%.

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Project summary

The team at Content Authority completed one of the biggest business overhauls online to generate outstanding online results for Wicked Bucks. Increasing there online visibilty from 2.8% in the industry to 12% of the industries top tier keywods.

This was a massive job with over 580 pages contained in the website. There has been no stone unturned with this beautifully designed and SEO’d website.

The goal was to reduce the Adwords budget and increase long term sustainability through organic traffic to the website.

The Strategy

We started working on Wicked Bucks in December 2019 to undergo a complete redesign and rebuild of the website from the ground up. When we completed the design and build the website was launched in March of 2020. In the following 3 months the business had doubled it’s online traffic and page 1 rankings went through the roof from 15 to 150. Daily users went from 5 to 100. 

The website page load performance times were able to be addressed, the content issues were fixed, technical SEO issues and overall user experience was renovated.

After understanding the clients needs and what their website strategy had been lacking the SEO Specialists was able to put together an SEO strategy to turn around their old poor performing website into an industry leading top performing website.

The team at Content Authority are highly experience in technical Search Engine Optimisation which enabled us to record terrific SEO results in a short period of time once again.

We put together a highly targeted SEO strategy to focus on high CPC keywords to increase the value of our clients online traffic. This increased the overall quality of website leads landing on the website and resulted in an increase in online traffic.  

The strategy included a lot of technical architecutual restructuring, page load performance enhancements, security enhancements and a completely new content focus.

Proven Results

In the first 3 months of the new website launch in March 2020 we started undergoing SEO work of our initial actions, Wicked Bucks achieved record results month. Four months later this success has continued 4 consecutive record organic months with major increases on the previous month.


The technical SEO team was able to achieve the clients goals of 100 users a day and is now on the verge of 150 users a day with a monthly average of 3500 users 4 months later.


It is great to see another of our clients succeed after a short period of time through a great Search Engine Optimisation strategy that was able to to achieve the clients goals.

The value of an highly effective SEO strategy will give you a competitive edge against your competitors. If you are wanting to ensure your business is established long term and you don’t have a big monthly paid advertising budget… than you may want to consider using Content Authority to craft a targeted high cost CPC keyword ranking SEO strategy for your website. Don’t just rely on paid advertising and start putting more money into expanding your business and not into paid advertising.

Especially when tragedies happen, the value of SEO is that you are ranking in page 1 of Google so you don’t need to buy your traffic. It is important to remember though a long term strategy is required for continuous moment and growth of the business.

If anyone would love to have similar success for their SEO channel I am always more than happy to look at a businesses website and provide recommendations. This is only 1 of many businesses we have achieved record successes and increases in revenue over the past 2 years.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like ongoing SEO help and I can put together a strategy that will ensure your business growth for many years to come. The proof is in the pudding.




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Achieve an competitive advantage over your competitors online through an aggresive SEO strategy that is guranteed to get increased rankings. Why not start investing in your website and increase your online visitors to your website today. It all starts with getting started today.

If you don’t have a good Search Engine Optimisation strategy in place you are going to struggle to compete in this digital age without investing a lot of money in paid advertising for years to come. Search Engine Optimisation creates the base foundations from the architecture of your website through to a good content strategy and is complimented by an off page strategy.

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